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The Finnish Kendo Association (FKA) is the national head organization of the kendo clubs operating in Finland. FKA was founded in 1986 and has more than 30 member clubs, with almost 1,000 members. The variety range includes kendo, iaido, jodo, naginata and sports chanbara. FKA is a member of the Finnish Olympic Committee and the only Finnish association recognized by the All Japan Kendo Federation (ZNKR) and the International Kendo Federation (FIK).

The FKA’s primary task is to look after the interests of its members, to organize activities, competitions, seminars, camps, gradings and education, to keep record of the gradings of Finnish practioners and to maintain relationships with other national and international kendo organizations worldwide. In a short, FKA is doing a great job for the benefit of the practioners of kendo, iaido, jodo, naginata and sports chanbara in Finland!

If you live and train in Finland, please pay the FKA lisence and insurance fees. See How-To Guide.

If you are visiting Finland and would like to participate training session of the local kendo club, please check the list of Finnish kendo clubs for contact information.

If you are interested in to participate Finnish seminars and competitions please check our Google calendar and Facebook page.

For more information about the FKA, please contact the President of Finnish Kendo Association,

And please check our Facebook page.